Saturday, April 9, 2011


I am currently sat here in my living room taking a well earned break from trying to remember all of the novels, poems, and plays I have studied (since returning back to University in January) for some exams this coming week.

I realized, not to long into my studying, that; a) this would have been a lot easier if I had wrote about the texts straight after reading them, and b) I read way too much to really remember exactly how I feel about each piece when I look back on them months (or years) down the line. Although I could simply keep a little journal by the side of my bed, or in my bag, and record feelings, insights, and all the things in-between, I asked myself "Am I not from a self-centered generation that believes everybody wants to know everything that each person around them is thinking and doing?"

You bet I am!

So from now on, each novel or play I read I will be posted on this little blog. I am not sure if I will also cover any poems I read because I am not a huge fan of poetry (nothing against it- just a personal preference), but maybe the ones that I really enjoy. I do not promise to give any amazing insight to help you grow as a connoisseur of fine literature (not that everything I read could be counted as 'fine literature' anyway), or help you get an big A+ on a term paper, but maybe I will intrigue you to read something that you hadn't considered before!

Not everything I cover will be brand new to me, they may just be re-reads, but I will post when I've finished each text. So I won't be looking back at a text through the muggy glasses of time.

So for now, bye!

Matthew Dunleavy

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