Friday, May 13, 2011

British Museum Reading Room

I know this blog is dedicated to my thoughts about books that I am reading but through my reading about Olive Schreiner and Amy Levy, I have had the pleasure to learn about the British Museum Reading Room.

The Reading Room was used by a number of famous writers over the years and seemed to be the place to go for Late Victorian/ Early Edwardian writers to master their craft and meet with their intellectual peers. Although it isn't used as much for that same use now (to my knowledge) it is still functioning and looks amazing!

If you want to see a much bigger image of this beautiful panoramic you can find it here on the Wikicommons-

I won't say too much about it but, if I ever win the lottery and have the opportunity, I will buy the British Museum Reading Room and live there and read books till my heart's content; don't worry you're all invited!

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